ZAHIDENERHOSERVIS is a specialized company that performs a full range of design and electrical works. The great experience of our company allows you to perform electrical work of any complexity: from small private orders to the realization of large objects in the civil, industrial and agricultural spheres. All work is carried out so that you could enjoy comfort and safety for many years without mentioning interruptions in the work of the power grids.
One of the main advantages of the company is the implementation of a full range of electrical installation services: from designing to putting the completed object into operation. It allows you to quickly react to changes in the conditions of the wiring, to promptly make the necessary changes and amendments to the project, to coordinate them with all interested organizations.
The company ZAKHIDENERGOSERVIS works in the field of electrical installation works since 2008 and during this time has gained considerable experience in designing and installing. Over the period of the company’s activities, more than a hundred projects of various levels of complexity were implemented.

Company ZAHIDENERGOSERVIS offers the following types of works:

  • Internal power distribution networks for industrial and civil objects;
  • Networks of indoor and outdoor lighting;
  • Aerial and cable power lines with voltage 0.4-10 kV;
  • Transformer substations of all types and modifications;
  • Calculation, assembly and installation of panel equipment;
  • Design and start-up works.