Realizing that to date there are a large number of manufacturers of cable and wire products in the market, we have clearly identified the uncompromising way that we are going to meet our buyer.

Therefore, our main priority is quality, and the main value of our company is people – highly skilled personnel united sole purpose of creating high-quality products.

All our products are certified by the state certification system Ukr SEPRO and fully complies with all the requirements of the quality GOST 16442-80, DSTU 4809: 2007, GOST 7399-97.

Thanks to high-quality raw materials from the leading Ukrainian and European manufacturers used for insulation and membrane production, the products allow mounting, while retaining their characteristics at various temperature conditions.

For the production of cable and wire products, only the best grade A copper, containing 99.93% copper, is used, which provides maximum conductivity and gives the minimum resistivity. Only high quality copper guarantees the highest elastic characteristics of the product.

The enterprise has implemented a tistrumienne quality control system:

  • checking the quality of the input raw material
  • cable testing system on the production line
  • quality control of the final product.

The use of modern technologies, continuous training and staff training, everyday, meticulous quality control of raw materials allow us to guarantee that
that in the end you will get a product that meets not only the national but also European quality standards.