Design and survey work in the field of EMR is a prerequisite for the safe, high-quality and stable use of electrical appliances. Experienced specialists of our company will help you to design the electricity of industrial enterprises, medical institutions, residential premises, entertainment centers, warehouse and industrial objects, street lighting, etc. Our company carries out the work of internal and external electric networks and develops the project regardless of size territory, the specifics of the premises and the complexity of the work.

Design and survey works include the following stages:

  • Development of a plan-scheme of electricity taking into account all wishes of the customer
  • Calculation of power and electric wiring load
  • Selection of quality equipment
  • location and installation of lamps, switches and sockets
  • Calculation of the term of work execution
  • Our services will help you to install electricity without problems, minimize the cost of extra money for materials, save your time, and in the future make comfortable use of electrical installation.

If you need uninterrupted work and power supply, then you are up to us!